ShadowLight (2011-2014)
(Lasercut, acrylic perforated plastic panel)

For the video installations a new element of filtered light was devised to enhance the subject matter. The perforated surface would be placed in combination with a beam of light in order to create a shadow. The various qualities of light becomes the underpinning subject matter. It becomes entwined with the video composition - not unlike paintings made of many layers. An additional ShadowLight piece entitled "100-Mirage-100" was conceived as a proposal for a World War I memorial - a montage composed of a group of ShadowLight panels casting discrete shadows to create a collective collage-like image.


ShadowLight composition for Dreamstate (2013)


Shadowlight composition, entitled "100-Mirage-100", for WWI Memorial Proposal for Berlin, Germany (2014)

Front view:


Side view:


Portraits FullSizeRender


Joseph & Mici (2011)
- 16"x18"x12"
- Spotlight Radius: 44"

-Shadowlight- Jennette & Dave (2011) Dimensions: - 16"x18"x12" - Spotlight Radius: 44" Optimal Installation Area: -A wall without obstructions and the ability to hang a light from the ceiling in line with the panel. Materials: - Acrylic Shadowlight Panel - Spotlight - Monofilament w/ hooks


A Portrait


A Portrait of Doctor Paul Solt, Former Chief Justice of The Hungarian Supreme Court (2011)



Jennette (2011)



Dave & Jennette (2011)



Jennette (2011)